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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

We believe marriage is a lifelong commitment, built on a nurturing, respectful partnership.

Strengthening that partnership should be the couple’s number one priority. Marriage is an on-going process, and as such, your relationship should continue to grow and change; making sure that each partner is experiencing equality.

On your wedding day, you had hopes for a happy, life- enhancing marriage. We believe that, despite the rising divorce rate, you can still fulfill that dream— even if your marriage has started to show signs of trouble. We believe by starting with an accurate assessment of your marriage (strengths and growth areas) we can help you build a stronger marriage.

Marriage Counseling Services Novi Michigan

Private, Safe, Confidential Counseling

Build A Stronger Marriage

Over 40 Years of Research

We utilize a proprietary Marital Assessment Tool only available to trained marital counselors. This assessment is backed by over 40 years of scientific research by Dr. John and Julie Gottman. This data-driven relationship assessment tool relies on intensive, detailed, and evidence-based information on why relationships succeed or fail.


The assessment is composed of 480 questions in 5 categories: Friendship and Intimacy, Safety Scales, Conflict Scales, Sharded Meaning Scales, and Individual Aras of Concern. Question topics include friendship, intimacy, finances, children, trust, commitment, drug and alcohol, and individual issues that can put a relationship at risk. This marital relationship assessment is designed as a tool for trained therapists only in a professional setting. It offers a precision help for unique relationships like yours. This assessment provides direct feedback that is specific to your relationship to help identify what’s going well, and what areas your relationship may need to better focus on.

Assessment Goals

The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to disarm conflicting verbal communication, increase intimacy, respect, and affection, remove barriers that create feelings of stagnancy in conflicting situations, and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.
This tool streamlines the relationship assessment process for your therapist, providing personalized, clinical feedback plus specific recommendations for treatment based on your answers.

What You Can Expect

You can expect some of the following issues to be addressed during marriage counseling:

When To Seek Marital Counseling

Getting The Most Out of Your Sessions

Define your marital goals.

Thinking about what you would like to get out of marriage counseling. It might be helpful to write a list of events, relationship issues, or feelings that you think are contributing to your current or ongoing marital distress. It is important to take time before each session to consider your expectations for that session.

Self-exploration and change.

Self-exploration and change involve hard work, and sometimes painful feelings are stirred up in the process of healing. You can feel confident that our counselors are trained to pay close attention to these issues and will probably encourage you to discuss these feelings openly with them.

Be an active participant.

This is your counseling experience, so be as active as you can in deciding how to use the time wisely. Be honest with your counselor and give her or him feedback about how you see the sessions progressing.


Be patient with yourself.

As with any growth, it takes time, effort, and patience. All of your coping skills, behavior patterns, and self-perceptions have been learned and reinforced over a long period of time, so change can be difficult and slow at times.

Ask questions.

Ask questions about the counseling process, any methods used by the counselor, or about any other services offered at NorthPoint Professional Counseling. Your counselor is there to assist you.

Follow your counselor’s recommendations.

Take the time between sessions to complete any activities suggested by your counselor. It is not unusual to be asked to either read, journal and/or implement any new behavior learned.

Marital counseling is intended to improve your marital life in the “real world,” so making efforts to try out and practice new behaviors, approaches, or ways of thinking could be a crucial element to the success of your marital counseling experience.

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