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Male Partner Betrayal Trauma Care

Male Partner Betrayal Trauma

We understand trauma betrayal wounds – the pain, confusion, anger, disbelief, distress, hurt, insecurity, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, as well as the loss of relational safety and stabilization

We believe the behavior of your partner’s betrayal is not the result of anything you did or did not do. Nevertheless, you have been impacted. These types of trauma betrayal wounds run deep and wide and when left untreated, can affect the betrayed partner in so many negative ways. You need to heal so you can move forward.

Male Issues - Counseling for Men

Healing The Wounds

Experiencing partner betrayal from your significant other can feel very emasculating as a man. The shame, anger, and resentment build as your trauma symptoms increase. The lack of resources and support for men trying to heal from partner betrayal trauma makes things even more difficult. At NorthPoint, we are partner-centric and we understand the pain and hardship in finding the resources to guide your healing.
Many resources will be gender-specific and primarily focus on women being betrayed partners. Due to the lack of resources for this specific population, Megan is now advertising to treat male partners who identify as having some form of partner betrayal trauma. Maybe your spouse had an affair, or perhaps they are experiencing sexual addiction or love addiction. Either way, you deserve a safe space to heal from this betrayal, and NorthPoint can offer that.
Trauma is “anything beyond our ability to understand at the time,” and experiencing a betrayal in your primary relationship is undoubtedly that. It makes sense, then, that your nervous system is responding to the new uncertainty in your environment. All of this is normal, even if it doesn’t feel normal. You are not crazy or broken. You are a man who has gone through something harrowing, and you are hurting. We are here to help. Take the first steps and make an appointment today.

Recovery Steps

By utilizing a therapeutic approach, partners of sex addicts are guided step-by-step through a personal healing recovery using specific tasks and exercises . Start today by calling our office and start your healing journey.

The Eight Healing Steps:

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Taking The First Step

If you have been impacted by a partner betrayal, healing the wounds begins by taking the first step by getting help. Remember, you are brave and courageous. You can heal. It’s not your fault.

Omar Minwalla, Psy.D., psychologist and clinical sexologist writes:

“Partners actually often experience clinically significant sex addiction-induced trauma (SAI-Trauma), which is the specific type of trauma and traumatic symptom clusters that result from the direct impact of the sex addiction and the associated chronic patterns of sexual acting out, relational perpetration, emotional abuse, deception, betrayal, psychological manipulation and compartmentalization. The clinical complexities and the degree and extent of psychological destabilization, ego fragmentation, relational and social ruptures and post-traumatic symptoms seen among partners are profound.”

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We offer counseling in -office, telehealth (via Zoom), or by phone Your comfort is our priority!

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Our professional staff comprises of highly recognized advanced specialists which are leaders in the field of counseling.

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