NorthPoint supports the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS) position on pornography. NorthPoint is an organization of sex addiction and trauma specialists united by our commitment to advocate for partners of sex addicts. As such, we are a dynamic and diverse community, spanning a variety of social, cultural, and religious reference points. 

While individual perspectives may vary, NorthPoint’s official position is that ethical and healthy sexuality (a) must be free from deception, coercion, and exploitation, and (b) must be predicated upon explicit values of safety, autonomy, equality and fully informed consent. 

With deep sensitivity toward those who have suffered harm as the result of pornography—its creation, its distribution, its consumption, and/or its proliferation—NorthPoint does not support, promote or endorse pornography, especially within the context of sex addiction, partner trauma, and survivor treatment considerations.

NorthPoint remains dedicated to invite, encourage and uphold a culture of respectful dialogue surrounding this issue, including amongst those who disagree with our position—be they our clients, our colleagues within the professional sex addiction and partner trauma communities, or even our peers within the professional communities.

  • Adapted in part from APSATS (2022)

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