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Megan Spees

Counselor Megan Spees

Megan Spees, M.A., LLP, CSAT-candidate, CCPS-candidate, CAADC, CCTSI, is a Limited Licensed Psychologist who received her master’s degree in clinical counseling psychology from Michigan School of Professional Psychology. Megan is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC) and a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTSI).

Megan Spees, MA, LLP, CSAT-candidate, CCPS-candidate, CAADC, CCTSI, received her master’s degree in clinical counseling psychology from Michigan School of Professional Psychology. Megan’s advanced training includes being a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC), The Gottman Method, and as a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTSI).

I have experience working with teens, adults, and couples. I specialize in helping clients navigate the complexities of relationships while developing a foundation of acceptance, trust, and communication. As an adaptable and caring professional, I help clients reach their life goals both, individually and relationally. I utilize a broad range of therapeutic techniques that are empirically sound with the flexibility to meet individual goals of the client. This is achieved by utilizing the client’s current strengths and then implementing new skills in which the client can employ as they move forward on their journey of life.

Megan Spees - Counselor, Novi Michigan

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Megan's Counseling Services

We provide individual counseling in-office, online (Zoom) or by phone.

Megan's Specialties

Individual/Family Therapy

Individual and Family therapy is a type counseling that can help individuals and family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. The goal is to identify and address problems individuals may be struggling within one’s family system. These issues could be emotional, psychological, or behavioral. Through individual/family therapy, I can help you and/or family members set healthy goals which are designed to improve individual empowerment/family dynamics, solve individual/family problems, provide greater understandings and handling special individual/family situations, and create a better functioning life balance/home environment for all.

Marriage Therapy

I am trained in utilizing the Gottman Method for couple’s therapy. Through a comprehensive three-part assessment, I will work with the couple to establish what they hope to gain out of therapy. I will work with them to improve their conflict resolution skills, build trust and commitment, and establish rituals in their daily lives. I will also work with them to aid in building meaning with each other and work to help them help their partner’s dreams come true. The Gottman Method has been utilized for over 25 years and has been effective in managing and improving relationships across all dimensions and has also been successful in preventing relapse into negative patterns that lead to relationship demise.

Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC)

We believe that each person experiences the disease of addiction and mental health disorders uniquely, and that entering lasting recovery means finding the deeper purposes that empower a fulfilling life in recovery. My personalized recovery program offers a multidimensional approach to substance abuse and addiction. I am highly experienced as an abuse and addiction specialist who evaluates each client individually and will design a customized, comprehensive plan for treatment and recovery. I utilize best-practice elements that is designed for clients to a live free of addiction.

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (CCTSI)

As a CCTSI, I have learned the essential components needed for safely and effectiveness in treating traumatic stress with individual adults. While the certification focuses upon acquiring the knowledge and skills for treating PTSD, I also am able to utilize the information and skills to effectively treat all types of anxiety disorders. I have acquired a good working knowledge of how to engage in the process of trauma treatment, focusing not only on interventions, but how to sequence the interventions to maximize outcomes. My certification and experience can help assure my clients the quality of treatment needed for those who have experienced trauma.


EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment to process and resolve traumatic memories. This model “jump starts” the natural healing process which has become “stuck” over time. It is evidence-based, research shows clients complete treatment in 1/2 the time of traditional talk therapy and require less to no psych meds at the end. EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma. As a trained EMDR therapist I work with people who have experienced specific traumatic events, as well as people who experienced negative childhood experiences that have had a cumulative effect on their mental and physical health as adults. I help treat the root of depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, attachment or anger issues, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Complex PTSD and various forms of Personality Disorder in a trauma-sensitive, empathic manner through EMDR Therapy without re-traumatizing the client. I utilize a humanistic based therapy style which incorporates strength based and person-centered foundation to empower the client’s I work with.

Sex/Porn Addiction Recovery

People understand drug and alcohol addiction, but many do not understand sexual addiction or sexually compulsive behavior. When sex becomes a strategy to meet our needs, it becomes addictive; sex becomes our most important need. This is the belief system of someone who exhibits compulsive sexual behavior or pornography use. Unmanageability abounds as the addictive belief system takes hold, quickly leading to chaos and uncertainty. Harmed relationships, lost jobs, and family discord are common areas of collateral damage when someone suffers from sexual addiction.

Sexual addiction is any sexually related, compulsive behavior that interferes with everyday living and causes significant impairment or distress in multiple areas. Shame often prevents many individuals suffering from sexual addiction from getting the professional care they need. However, the good news is that there is hope, and there is recovery from sexual addiction or addictive porn use. Megan uses the model developed by Patrick Carnes to help clients break through their denial and find hope in recovery. Using a trauma-informed, humanistic style, Megan will walk with you on your journey in recovery to help you begin to live your best life, free from the constraints of your addiction.

Partner Betrayal Trauma

Trauma is defined as “anything beyond our ability to understand at the time.” Using that definition, one can see how devastating something like learning of your partner’s betrayal can be to the partner on the receiving end. Maybe you just learned that your spouse has been acting out sexually online or that they’ve had extramarital affairs or emotional relationships with others outside of your couple-ship. All these things fall under the category of “anything beyond our ability to understand at the time.” Whenever something like this happens, our nervous system often responds with distressing trauma symptoms, such as nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, images, or even avoidance of specific stimuli.

How your partner responds to you during this time can also affect your recovery. If your partner is active in recovery and responds to your needs effectively, your trauma will begin to resolve. However, partners often find themselves facing gaslighting and other communication patterns that intensify their trauma response. As a betrayed partner, you need support from qualified professionals.

Megan will help work with you to guide you through this process and lead you toward finding post-traumatic growth while working on your recovery. You might feel a little put off by needing treatment, and that’s normal. Many betrayed partners feel like they shouldn’t be the one that needs care because they didn’t cause the pain; their partner did. Getting guidance and validation from a professional can only help in your healing. Megan utilizes a trauma-informed, partner-centric approach to help your nervous system heal and release the trauma that it is holding that’s keeping you feeling stuck.

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