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John Sternfels

John Sternfels

John Sternfels, LPC, NCC, CSAT, C-SASI, CMAT, CCPS, MITS, and EMDR Trained, is the owner and director of NorthPoint Professional Counseling.

John Sternfels received his master’s degree in professional counseling from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. John has extensive experience working with teenagers, men, women, and couples. He specializes in helping his clients successfully work through personal and relational life challenges. In addition to marital therapy, his work focuses on sexually addictive behaviors and betrayal partner trauma. John is the author of “A Partner’s Guide To Truth & Healing.” Throughout the year, John facilitates several one-day and two-day seminars and workshops. Topics include Marriage Enrichment, Helping Her Heal, Collaborative Couples Workshop, and Empathy and Intimacy.
I can help address issues of broken trust and dishonesty. Let me help you increase relational safety, trust, and intimacy – all of which can significantly improve and empower relationships. I believe that increasing personal and relational empowerment can promote positive change, leading to growth. I provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment to facilitate wellness and the continuity of care. As with any life challenge, the sooner you seek help, the easier it will be to resolve.
John Sternfels Owner, Counselor

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John’s Counseling Experiences:

We provide individual counseling in-office, online (Zoom), or by phone.

John's Specialties

The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is the worldwide leader in marital assessing. This model is known for its excellence in providing couples the help they need in identifying and improving marital relationships. The Gottman Method utilizes techniques to promote healthy communication, which empowers couples to navigate through difficult conflicts. It is designed to help couples process through the various challenges in the relationship. By utilizing the Gottman protocols, the couple can deepen their emotional intimacy and understanding by working on the issues together. Begin building a stronger relationship through The Gottman Method today.

NBCC – John Sternfels is a National Board-Certified Counselor (NBCC)

John believes that choosing a mental health professional for yourself or a family member is an important decision. National Board-Certified Counselors (NCCs) are master’s-level (or higher) mental health professionals who have voluntarily met high national standards in education and experience and have passed a rigorous examination. Look for the NCC or National Certified Counselor certification mark, an indicator of qualification and commitment in a professional counselor. The NCC certification is a voluntary certification that goes beyond the legal requirements for licensure. NCCs have shown dedication to their profession and providing the best services possible. NCCs must complete regular continuing education to maintain their certification. This ensures that NCCs are up to date on developments and best practices in the profession to provide you with high-quality services.

CSAT and CMAT – (Sexual Addiction Recovery / Multiple Addiction Recovery)

CSAT and CMAT – (Sexual Addiction Recovery / Multiple Addiction Recovery) John Sternfels is both a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and a Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist (CMAT). The CSAT / CMAT training and certification programs, are recognized as leaders and experts within the field of sex addiction and multiple addiction recovery. John utilizes researched based assessment tools and the 30-task model treatment methodology to deliver an unprecedented approach to addiction recovery for trauma, sexual addiction, and co-occurring addictions.

Clinical Certified Partner Specialist (CCPS)

Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS) – John has achieved the highest advanced training in the (APSAT) Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model (M-PTM). John believes the M-PTM provides a thorough treatment strategy based upon empirically based trauma treatment modalities to foster trauma resolution and relational healing in betrayal partner trauma. John provides safety and stabilization, along with care, support, and relational healing for those impacted by sexual addiction, relational betrayal, and relational trauma.

C-SASI – (Advanced Sex Addiction and Partner Trauma Therapy)

C-SASI – (Christian Sex Addiction Specialist International). John utilizes a clinically sound trauma model from a Christian perspective for those who are impacted by sexual addiction or partner relational trauma. From this perspective, John integrates biblical principles into the recovery process. By providing the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, John provides the best available therapeutic care for individuals, couples, friends, and their families.

CMAT – (Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist)

CMAT – (Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist) This certification is designed and developed to address the multiple addiction certification to help practitioners treat co-occurring disorders. John can better serve his clients by developing a greater understanding of the interaction between trauma and brain science.

Prepare and Enrich – Premarital

John believes in helping couples build strong marriages. John can help you explore strength and growth areas within your relationship (whether seriously dating or engaged). PREPARE/ENRICH is the leading relationship skill-building program used nationally and internationally. It is built on a solid research foundation and significantly improves a couple’s relationship. By utilizing the PREPARE/ENRICH program, couples may reduce divorce rates by 30% when properly prepared for marriage. PREPARE/ENRICH is customized and tailored to the couple’s relationship. Exercises will be provided, which are designed to build healthier relationship skills. Begin building a stronger relationship through Prepare and Enrich today.

Betrayal Partner Trauma

Whether you recently discovered your partner’s sexual betrayal or have known for quite some time, this is still a traumatic experience. I can help you understand how you have been impacted and help you get your life back. I can help you co-create a recovery plan that will help you heal. Betrayal trauma affects many areas of the partner’s life, including emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, financial, self-worth, and self-image. Betrayed partners experience broken trust, lies, deceit, manipulation, gaslighting, and abuse – all of which create a heavy impact on one’s life and relationships. This type of abuse creates trauma that runs deep into one’s heart and soul.


EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment to process and resolve traumatic memories. This model “jump starts” the natural healing process, which has become “stuck” over time. It is evidence-based; research shows clients complete treatment in 1/2 the time of traditional talk therapy and requires less to no psych meds. EMDR therapy shows that the mind can heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma. As a trained EMDR therapist, I work with people who have experienced specific traumatic events, as well as people who experienced negative childhood experiences that have had a cumulative effect on their mental and physical health as adults. I help treat the root of depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, attachment or anger issues, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Complex PTSD, and various forms of Personality Disorder in a trauma-sensitive, empathic manner through EMDR Therapy without re-traumatizing the client. I utilize a humanistic-based therapy style incorporating a strength-based and person-centered foundation to empower my clients.

Sex/Porn Addiction Recovery

Like an alcoholic unable to stop drinking, sexual addicts are unable to stop their self-destructive sexual behavior. Family breakups, financial disasters, loss of jobs, and risk to life are the painful themes of their stories. Sex addicts come from all walks of life – they may be ministers, physicians, homemakers, factory workers, salespersons, secretaries, clerks, accountants, therapists, dentists, politicians, or executives, to name just a few examples. Most were abused as children – sexually, physically, or emotionally. Most grew up in families where addiction flourished, including alcoholism, compulsive eating, and compulsive gambling. Most also grapple with other addictions, but they find sex addiction the most difficult to stop. Much hope nevertheless exists for these addicts and their families. Sex addicts have shown an ability to transform a life of self-destruction into a life of self-care, a life in chaos and despair, into one of confidence and peace. Sexual addiction is defined as any sexually related, compulsive behavior which interferes with everyday living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment. Sexual addiction has been called sexual dependency and sexual compulsivity. By any name, it is a compulsive behavior that completely dominates the addict’s life. Sexual addicts make sex a priority more important than family, friends, and work. Sex becomes the organizing principle of addicts’ lives. They are willing to sacrifice what they cherish most to preserve and continue their unhealthy behavior.
Sexual addiction is defined as any sexually related, compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment. Sexual addiction has been called sexual dependency and sexual compulsivity. By any name, it is a compulsive behavior that completely dominates the addict’s life. Sexual addicts make sex a priority more important than family, friends, and work. Sex becomes the organizing principle of addict’s lives. They are willing to sacrifice what they cherish most in order to preserve and continue their unhealthy behavior.

Marriage Therapy

I am trained in utilizing the Gottman Couple’s Method. I can help your marriage build greater communication and empathy and a secure foundation of acceptance, trust, and physical and emotional intimacy. Couples will complete a thorough assessment of their marital relationship and integrates research-based interventions. By utilizing this specifically designed assessment, I can help the couple identify areas of relational strengths and areas that need some improvement.

Individual/Family Therapy

Individual and Family therapy is a type of counseling that can help individuals and family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. The goal is to identify and address problems individuals may struggle with or struggle with within the family system. These issues could be emotional, psychological, or behavioral. Through individual/family therapy, I can help you and your family set healthy goals. Goals are designed to improve individual empowerment, family dynamics, solve problems, provide greater understanding, and handle unique situations. All of these can help create a better-functioning life balance and home environment.

John's Qualifications & Training

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