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Counseling In Detroit Michigan

Counseling In Detroit Michigan

NorthPoint Professional Counseling in Detroit Michigan provides in-person and online counseling services to Detroit, MI and all of Southeast Michigan.

Furthermore, we offer virtual counseling in Detroit, individual counseling, porn addiction recovery, sex addiction counseling, betrayal partner trauma care, family counseling, PTSD / EMDR therapy, polygraph service, psychiatry, and LLPC supervision.

Additionally, we offer other specialized counseling services in Detroit. What’s more, no matter where you are, through our telehealth/Zoom resources, we can provide our counseling services anywhere in Michigan.

Counseling in Person or in the comfort of your home or office!

We offer counseling in-office, telehealth (via Zoom), or by phone. Your comfort is our priority!

Above all, NorthPoint Therapists have spent many years attaining specialized Master Level Degrees in Professional Counseling and Psychology. Some of our counselors have also achieved National Board-Certified Counselor (NCC) status.

Additionally, National Board-Certified Counselors, unlike non-board counselors, are required to further their education through continuing educational training. NCC’s expert therapists are highly recognized as advanced leaders in the field of counseling.

In summary, if you are searching for trusted and highly rated National Board-Certified Counselors in Detroit Michigan, or anywhere else in Michigan, schedule an appointment with one of NorthPoint’s Counselors. Hiring the best ensures the best outcome.

Our Professional Counseling Services in Detroit, MI.

Marriage Counseling in Detroit, MI

We believe marriage is a lifelong commitment, built on a nurturing, respectful partnership. Furthermore, strengthening that partnership should be the couple’s number one priority.

Individual Counseling in Detroit, MI.

Life issues can be many and varied. Additionally, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addiction, past/current trauma, and work and career troubles are just a few of today’s many challenges.

Porn Addiction Recovery

Porn addiction is an especially destructive and difficult problem. Undeniably, it ruins relationships, leads to job loss and even criminal records, while destroying self-esteem and physical health.

Sex Addiction Counseling in Detroit, MI.

People with sex addiction use sex just as those addicted to drugs or alcohol. What’s more, we offer private, safe, and confidential Porn / Sex Addiction Counseling & recovery.

Betrayal Partner Trauma Care

We understand betrayal partner trauma wounds. Furthermore, we believe the behavior of your partner’s sexual or emotional betrayal is not the result of anything you did or did not do.

Family Counseling in Detroit, MI.

People with sex addiction use sex just as those addicted to drugs or alcohol. For this purpose, we offer private, safe, and confidential Porn / Sex Addiction Counseling & recovery.

PTSD / EMDR Therapy

While it is completely normal to have a reaction to a traumatic event; it is how our body and mind works to help keep us alive.

Polygraph Service

A polygraph examination is a scientific test, in fact, this test collects physiological data from a person with the purpose of detecting reactions associated with dishonesty.


Dr. Seema Kumar is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist specializing in Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry.

LLPC Supervision

Supervision is a process that begins with the relationship formed between the supervisor and the supervisee.

Get The Support You Deserve

In Person & Online Care

We offer counseling in-office, telehealth (via Zoom), or by phone Your comfort is our priority!

Advanced Specialists

Our professional staff comprises of highly recognized advanced specialists which are leaders in the field of counseling.

Easy Appointments

Affordable, Convenient and Easy Appointments can be scheduled by calling our office or online at your convenience.

Real Support / Lasting Relationships

Your relationship with your counselor is important. Your counselor will be there every step in your healing journey .