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Guardrails Workshop

Guardrails Workshop

NorthPoint’s Guardrail Workshop is designed for anyone whether dating, engaged, partnered, or married. Participants will learn how to avoid great regrets by establishing guardrails in their relationships.

In the context of setting boundaries in one’s life, the term “guardrails” is often used metaphorically to describe the guidelines or limits that individuals establish to protect their well-being, maintain balance, and navigate through various aspects of life. Guardrails serve as a form of self-imposed structure and protection, helping individuals make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Here’s an example regarding personal relationships:

Guardrails in personal relationships involve setting emotional boundaries to protect one’s feelings and mental well-being. This could include communicating openly about needs, expectations, and limits.

Learning to utilize guardrails involves recognizing one’s capacity for growth and learning. This includes taking on challenges that are manageable and allowing oneself the time and space to evolve at a comfortable pace.

Establishing guardrails is a proactive approach to self-care and personal growth. By defining limits and being mindful of one’s needs, individuals and couples can navigate life’s complexities with a greater sense of balance and well-being

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This Workshop will help couples:

This is a 1 Day Workshop

This workshop is facilitated by a licensed professional therapist from NorthPoint Professional Counseling, Inc.

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