The 90 Day Focus Group is designed for men who have completed “Facing the Shadows” workbook. This group will focus on developing and maintaining sobriety as well as gaining awareness of “How to Have a Positive Sexual Focus.”

The 90 Day Focus Group will focus on a continuation of managing addictive cravings while gaining control over the addiction. Furthermore, this group’s focus will be on learning how to solve relational conflicts while learning how to restore trusting relationships.

Join by phone or video conferencing!

Group participants will learn:

  • Identify a positive sexual focus
  • Develop emotional restitution
  • Establish a fire drill
  • Create a ninety day planner
  • and more…


All groups are fee based. This group is therapist lead and covers a series of focused topics.


All groups are held at NorthPoint Professional Counseling in Novi, MI


NorthPoint Professional Counseling

44070 W. 12 Mile Rd. Suite #200

Novi, MI 48377

For more information about this group or to register call 248.773.8440