This Family of Origin Group will focus on your present as well as the family you grow up with. Family of origin looks closely at the family you were born into and your parents’ background. This Family of Origin Group involves analyzing family messages, values, communication styles, traditions and ways of dealing with feelings.

Group participants will construct their own family genogram; a graphic representation of information of family history and the emotional dynamics. Men who benefit from this type of work are those who have experienced a number of different situations in the past that keep them from living a fulfilling and peaceful life in the present. In other words, Family of origin “situations” usually have occurred very early in life – though can continue in various patterns straight through adulthood.

Note: This is not about looking for or placing blame on any family member or parent, rather understanding how you may have been affected.

Join by phone or video conferencing!

Group participants will learn:

  • Critical or harsh parenting styles in childhood
  • Rejecting or dismissing parenting styles in childhood
  • Living in a chaotic, fear-based environment in childhood
  • Witnessing a volatile, high-conflict relationship between parents


All groups are fee based. This group is therapist lead and covers a series of focused topics.


All groups are held at NorthPoint Professional Counseling in Novi, MI


NorthPoint Professional Counseling

44070 W. 12 Mile Rd. Suite #200

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For more information about this group or to register call 248.773.8440