The Living in the Zone Group is about learning how to stop addictive behaviors. Sobriety is the only way to start recovery. However, stopping the behavior is not enough to stay in recovery. True recovery is achieved by learning to cope with difficult situations and emotions. This Group is designed to help men learn how to deal with difficult affective (emotional) states which will help them come to a place of resilience so they can decide what is important in their lives.

Furthermore, this group will provide a practical approach to recognize the underlying emotional causes that perpetuate the addiction cycle. It is also designed to do the deeper work necessary to make the shift into a life-time of healthiness. Participants doing the deeper work will not only bring about dramatic changes to one’s relationships, career, finances, and lifestyle, but will provide a healthier and more meaningful life.

Join by phone or video conferencing!

Group participants will learn:

  • Finding your zone in healthy living
  • How to deal with fear
  • How to reduce shame
  • Establish a hero map
  • And more…


All groups are fee based. This group is therapist lead and covers a series of focused topics.


All groups are held at NorthPoint Professional Counseling in Novi, MI


NorthPoint Professional Counseling

44070 W. 12 Mile Rd. Suite #200

Novi, MI 48377

For more information about this group or to register call 248.773.8440