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Recovery and Support Groups

Couples Life 180 Group

This Couple’s Life 180 Group is an 8-week relational/intimacy building group workshop for couples. This group is ideal for couples who may be experiencing challenges in rebuilding trust, and intimacy. By integrating specific trauma focuses and sex...

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Recovery Essentials Group

This recovery Essentials Group is designed to help group members process the “Facing the Shadows” Performable Tasks 5-8. Participants will discuss and process the necessary easy-to-follow exercises specifically designed to better help understand sexual...

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Men’s Recovery Starting Point

This Starting Point Group is designed for men who have just begun their sexual addiction recovery and want to better understand what it takes to journey from addictive bondage to healthy freedom. This 8-week group will not only help educate you about the...

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Men’s Integrity – The 90 Day Focus Group

The 90 Day Focus Group is designed for men who have completed “Facing the Shadows” workbook. This group will focus on developing and maintaining sobriety as well as gaining awareness of “How to Have a Positive Sexual Focus.” The 90 Day Focus Group will...

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Men’s Integrity – Family of Origin Group

This Family of Origin Group will focus on your present as well as the family you grow up with. Family of origin looks closely at the family you were born into and your parents' background. This Family of Origin Group involves analyzing family messages,...

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Living In The Zone

The Living in the Zone Group is about learning how to stop addictive behaviors. Sobriety is the only way to start recovery. However, stopping the behavior is not enough to stay in recovery. True recovery is achieved by learning to cope with difficult...

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Women Facing Heartbreak Group

Facing Heartbreak Group is an 8-week group designed for women who have been impacted by their partner's compulsive/addictive sexual behaviors. Because of the relational trauma impact, partners often feel isolated, alone, hurt, angry, betrayed, and ashamed....

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