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R.E.A.L. Support for Partners of Sex/Porn Addicts

R.E.A.L. Support Group

This group provides partners the necessary Relational, Encouraging, Affirming, and Loving, support they need in a safe, supportive, nurturing, caring, and confidential environment. We believe support needs to take place in the care of others in order to be effective.

Our R.E.A.L. Partners Support Group can help partners find the support they need in order to heal from betrayal partner trauma. Knowing there are others who are on the healing journey can bring a greater sense of connection rather than one of isolation. Joining a support group can help you learn what it takes to heal because others have gone before you-they know what you are going through. Participants will learn more about what has happened and learn how to regain/rebuild a deeper healthier sense of self. Group discussions include learning how to manage triggers, lower stress and anxiety, learn improved communications, set boundaries,- all designed to help you heal. We offer weekly group sessions that are designed to meet your scheduling needs.

Because of the relational trauma impact, partners often feel isolated, alone, hurt, angry, betrayed, and ashamed. You will be encouraged to provide input into what you want to learn about or work on, so it’s also partly designed by and tailored to the needs of each group member. You’ll find plenty of encouragement from members, and a great deal of care and validation.
Northpoint R.E.A.L. Group Support For Partners
R.E.A.L. Support for Partners of Sex/Porn Addicts

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Support goals of this R.E.A.L. Support Group are designed to help partners work through their anger, grief, hurt, distrust of self and others, as well as other challenging issues. These goals are all designed to help to regain some balance in their lives and experience healing. Participants will briefly learn about addiction in order to understand how to set healthy boundaries for self-protection, and to understand the process of recovery that they can expect their spouse is walking through.

Group participants will learn:

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All groups are fee based. Group is CCPS therapist lead and covers a series of focused topics to help bring a lifetime of recovery.
Available in-person (Novi) or by Zoom.

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