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Collaborative Couples Workshop

NorthPoint’s Collaborative Couples Workshop is designed for couples who may be struggling with patterns of conflict in their relationship. The workshop is designed to help couples work together in a collaborative way to communicate concerns and improve their relationship.

Truth is, all couples experience conflict, fights, and hurt feelings. It’s not the absence of conflicts that determines a healthy marriage rather, it’s one in which couples can safely discuss and acknowledge their disagreements, understand ongoing disputes, and turn desire to defend themselves into a desire to confide in one another. By attending this Collaborative Couples Workshop, couples will learn how to shift out of an adversarial or withdrawn pattern and into a more collaborative one. This type of approach assumes that the main problem is not what spouses are arguing about, but rather their inability to help each other with it.

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“How Spouses talk or Don’t Talk Is Often The Major Problem”

Couples Will Learn:

This is a 1 Day Workshop

This workshop is facilitated by John Sternfels, LPC, NCC, CSAT, CMAT, CCPS, C-SASI

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