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This Starting Point Group is designed for men who have just begun their sexual addiction recovery and want to better understand what it takes to journey from addictive bondage to healthy freedom.
Our R.E.A.L. Partners Support Group can help partners find the support they need in order to heal from betrayal partner trauma. Knowing there are others who are on the healing journey can bring a greater sense of connection rather than one of isolation. Joining a support group can help you learn what it takes to heal because others have gone before you. They know what you are going through.
NorthPoint’s Collaborative Couples Workshop is designed for couples who may be struggling with patterns of conflict in their relationship. The workshop is designed to help couples work together in a collaborative way to communicate concerns and improve their relationship.
Empathy is an important value in all relationships, but during challenging times, it seems to be even more important. Emotional Awareness, empathy is the ability to recognize an emotion in another person.

This seminar is designed to help both you and your spouse better understand how sex addiction has negatively impacted her and the world around her.

Recovery begins by taking this necessary step in better understanding how your behaviors are affecting her, personally, as well as evidencing she knows you want to help her heal.

NorthPoint’s Cultivating Relational Intimacy Workshop is designed to help couples grow their relationship by learning how to cultivate relational intimacy through improved connection and gratitude.
Cultivating an emotional relationship with your spouse is an ongoing process that requires effort, commitment, and open communication. However, most of us were never taught what we need to feel safe, secure, and loved. If these needs were not fulfilled in our early life, this inner knowing might not come as naturally as it does to others.

NorthPoint’s Guardrail Workshop is designed for anyone whether dating, engaged, partnered, or married. Participants will learn how to avoid great regrets by establishing guardrails in their relationships. The term “guardrails” is often used metaphorically to describe the guidelines or limits that individuals establish…

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We offer counseling in -office, telehealth (via Zoom), or by phone Your comfort is our priority!

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Our professional staff comprises of highly recognized advanced specialists which are leaders in the field of counseling.

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Your relationship with your counselor is important. Your counselor will be there every step in your healing journey .