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What Our Clients Have To Say

My husband and I were having problems communicating, so we called NorthPoint and made an appointment to see John. After our first session, my husband and I felt a sense of relief; we finally found someone who gets it! John’s approach was refreshing and extremely helpful.
- Lisa and Joe W
As a result of my husband’s infidelity, We searched online for help and came across NorthPoint. We are so glad we found them; they helped save our marriage. It was not easy but worth the investment.
- Patrica and Mike A
Patrick was very helpful in helping me break through my denial of being a S/A. Patrick was patient and understanding, helping me work through my fears. Thank you, Patrick. You saved my life and marriage.
- Brian
We have been to several counselors in the area, hoping to find one who could help us. We were referred to NorthPoint by our pastor. If you are experiencing challenges in your marriage, this is the place to call.
- Cindy and Jim W
Looking for a Betrayal Partner Specialist in the greater Detroit area, I found Akanksha through Psychology Today. She helped me better understand what I was going through and what I needed to get my life back. Thank you, Akansha. Forever grateful.
- Tammie B
When I made my appointment to see Megan, I was very nervous as this was my first time seeking counseling, and Megan helped me finally work through my anxiety issues. Although I am still learning how to manage anxiety, I can now go out and feel safe.
- Susan F
In searching for a specialist who had experience working with sexual addiction and betrayal partner trauma, we found NorthPoint. We made an appointment to see John. We are so glad we called. We highly recommend him and his team. Thank you!
- Matt and Kim K
If you are looking for a marriage therapist, my wife and I recommend NorthPoint. Our therapist started by assessing our marriage using the Gottman Check-Up. I can’t say enough about what we learned about ourselves and our marriage. We now have a stronger marriage because of the work we did.
- Rob and Cathy A
I found NorthPoint and decided to call and schedule an appointment with one of their counselors. I told my counselor I struggled with unhealthy sexual behavior, and my counselor listened and did not judge me. After my first session, I left with a sense of relief, and I am now getting the help I need.
- Robert M
We went to NorthPoint to get help for our marriage. Our counselor listened and did not take sides. (We felt our last counselor did). We seem to connect right from the get-go. We are so thankful for the help we received.
- Angie and Tim
If you are seriously looking to get help for problematic sexual behavior (sex addiction), this is the place to call. They have Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists (CSATS) who can help. I have been to many over the years but have not found one that really gets it! Make the call; it can save your life.
- Michael K
My counselor suggested EMDR for my therapy. I am so glad I said yes. I worked through my past trauma and now live a life free from fear and anxiety.
- Brenda S

My husband and I attended NorthPoint’s Helping Her Heal seminar. What a great eye-opening experience for my husband and me. Our marriage would not have survived if it wasn’t for this seminar.

- Amy and Dave
We have been to several marital counselors in the past. We are so glad we found NorthPoint. They are genuinely great at what they do. If you are looking for marital help, we highly recommend NorthPoint.
- Larry and Jill
We want to thank NorthPoint for their expertise in helping marriages like ours. We have tried several marriage counselors before we found NorthPoint. If you are looking for marriage counseling, we highly recommned NorthPoint.
- Beth and Joel E